Our mission

It matters where you source your ingredients. As a direct importer with our team on the ground at origin and in EU we control the process from soil, to harvest, during processing, shipping and storage.

Our mission

We passionatley serve our customers making it easy for them as a »one stop supplier« of wide asortment of quality products so customers don't need to spend their time arranging orders with several suppliers to fulfill their requirements.


Our certificates

Quality, food safety and customer satisfaction are the key points of our quality policy.

All products are packed at our organic factory in Slovenia in accordance with HACCP standards and without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO). This is guaranteed by the EKO-SI certificate, awarded by Kon-Cert Slovenia. Everything we supply is traceable and packed with goodness – just healthy and delicious.

Quality Control at Alpine Nutrition d.o.o.

Our products are tested by European controlled laboratories first at origin before the export and again when entering EU during the import. Our processes follow strict and certified HACCP guidelines to ensure that only the best products are offered to our clients. Our quality assessment team guarantees full traceability of its products entirely complying with the latest food laws and customer demands. We work with third party European food analysis laboratories (such as Intertek and Eurofins) and our Supply Chain Control program assures that every ingredient and material sourced, meets the requirements of our customers.

Quality is monitored and documented throughout the whole business process. We start by inspecting each individual pallet we receive from suppliers. Our QA team taste-tests every sample and administers a full microbiology screening in our on-site laboratory. Moisture, breakage, and any other defects are carefully monitored for. Tests are performed for all items in production machines to confirm that no contaminants are present on the premises.


Fair trade commitment

By following fair trade practice we make sure we give back to the people and envirement where our products are grown and harvested.

Our products

Our products are fresh, nutritionally rich and high quality nutrients, carefully selected from our network of reputable manufacturers and processors around the world.

By sourcing from us directly supports small family farmers & indigenous communities around the world. We always connect directly with our sources to ensure fair labor practices and to assist in the development of processing at the source.

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We source globally and directly from the farmers!

We build direct relationships with farmers in all the regions where we source our products where we both benefit from a family like relationshi cherishing sincere, hard working and fair relationship. We work with local authorities to build grower knowledge, promote productive partnerships and support initiatives which encourage organic production. Our customers benefit from having supplier with direct and honest relationship with farmers as they can be assured they only buy best quality products.

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